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Facts about LG - Global Sales USD 48 Billion* (2016) (Rs. 312 Lakhs crores) with a work force of 77,000 people and 125 offices globally and Fortune 500 company. LG brings the same confidence in Solar Panels to you and LG Solar has a production capacity of 2 GW in South Korea and LG also makes their own Patented High quality and high efficient solar cells. These are a few facts for LG Solar Panels mentioned below.

These are a few facts for LG Solar Panels mentioned below. LG SOLAR MODULES SUPERIORITY AND ADVANTAGES
- Pure Mono Cells and not Quasi mono supplied by many others generally.
- Improved absorption of Light
- Reduced Electrical Loss
- High Power Module
- Enhanced Long - Term reliability
- Among the Least degradation in Solar panels globally at 0.5% per annum
- Strong performance in changing Climatic conditions and high temperature zones
- Lesser space requirement than other High efficiency modules
- Among the lightest solar panel Kg/Sq. meter compared to others
- Generates more in Low light
- Least heat losses during high heat days.
- 15 Years product warranty and 25 years Linear performance warranty